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More Searches Are Done Daily on eBay than on Google

Matt & Amanda Clarkson

Google is the world’s search engine powerhouse, with millions of users around the globe conducting hundreds of millions or even billions of searches every day.  Despite its place at the top of search engines, there’s another player that experiences even more volume of searches every day.
Would it surprise you to learn that eBay is that other player?  It’s true:  with gross sales of over $50 billion per year and nearly 400 million active registered users on the marketplace platform, eBay is the champion.  Here are some statistics on eBay use:
  • Approximately 70,000 new members join the platform every day
  • Daily sales on eBay hover right around $150 million
  • Users searching for products conduct nearly 4 billion eBay searches on the platform EVERY DAY
Let’s face it – online retail is here to stay.  Sales of products and services purchased online have grown exponentially every year since the dawn of the public Web, and economists project that this trend will continue long into the future.  With so many potential customers available on online marketplace platforms like eBay and Amazon, it makes good financial sense to figure out a way to tap into that market.  Of those 400-odd million registered users on eBay, only about a million of them are sellers.  This ratio is one of the keys to finding success selling goods on the platform.  The other is to discover a niche that is not being exploited.  In other words, finding a demand for products or collections of products and presenting them to the huge membership for sale.
Matt and Amanda Clarkson tapped into the eBay platform in 2006.  After researching alternatives to traditional employment opportunities in their home country of Australia, the couple latched onto the idea of starting their own home-based retail business.  Their first eBay storefront was launched in 2006, and within a few months, the couple had achieved millions of dollars in sales and the coveted Platinum status.  Based on their research and the tools and methods they had developed on the way to financial success, the Clarksons decided that they could help others achieve similar levels of personal and financial freedom.
Today, the couple travels around the world, speaking at business conferences and mentoring others in online retail business strategy.  The Clarksons are even best-selling authors, writing guidebooks for others to use to find success in marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.  Their Easy Home Business venture is a consultancy and training outlet for people around the globe who want to explore the proven strategies and tools the couple used when discovering their own success. Two of their many tips are worth their weight in gold for newcomers to the online marketplace.  First, the couple shares the pitfalls they experienced when launching their eBay storefront.  By sharing that information with others, the transition to financial success is that much smoother.  Second, eBay and Amazon both offer automation tools for sellers that eliminate much of the tedious daily work to manage the storefront.  By stressing the use of these tools, the Clarksons estimate that individuals need spend less than 10 hours per week taking care of business, freeing them up to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Publication Spotlight: The Magic of Selling on eBay

In 2006, Matt and Amanda Clarkson embarked on a personal journey that transformed their lives.  Years later, they are helping to transform the lives of others by sharing the information they learned that helped them achieve personal and financial success.
Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Frustrated by an uncertain financial future, Amanda struggled to find a rewarding career.  She had tried several options, including time as a personal fitness trainer.  Matt was a carpenter by profession, and the demands and heavy lifting of the work left him with workplace injuries.  He believed that the Internet held solutions for them, and the couple began to research idea for a home-based business.  They discovered the popularity and power of online retail marketplaces, particularly eBay, and decided to launch their very own eBay storefront with the information they had collected in their research.  In just a few short months, they achieved Bronze seller status.  Their venture continued to grow and in no time, they were Platinum sellers on the platform, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue.
Today, the Clarksons share their knowledge with others, helping them to achieve a similar level of success.  They instruct individuals on the same tools and strategies they developed when they were first launching their eBay storefront, and the couple has become world-famous as business mentors and educators. One of the primary ways they’ve been able to share their information is through the publishing of best-selling books like The Magic of Making Money on eBay, available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.
In the book, the Clarksons reach a global audience, giving them the tools, the techniques, and the secrets that helped make them millionaires.  The book contains a treasure trove of details, from basic information on the online marketplace and how users search for products there to low-investment startup strategies for launching a storefront.  By setting up a retail storefront on eBay, people can see income in as little as 24 hours.  These income streams can be used to supplement a more traditional job or can replace those jobs, opening up a world of financial security that office or manufacturing work simply cannot offer. Using eBay’s own automation tools, the couple discovered that after some initial effort setting up the retail storefront, those tools allow users to take a more hands-off approach, freeing up time to enjoy the stream of income sales are generating.  If used according to the methods developed by the Clarksons, automation tools can handle up to 90% of the work necessary to keep the storefront growing and require less than 10 hours a week of input.
Amanda and Matt Clarkson

Perhaps most important in the Magic of Making Money on eBay book is a series of potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Matt and Amanda share their hard-won experiences, assisting individuals through the complex paths toward success.  By learning from their mistakes, the move to a sustainable, income-rich home-based business is easier than ever.   The book has received accolades from thousands of readers around the world, many of who went on to start their own online storefronts.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Addressing the Next Concern, Risk Minimization & e-Commerce Revenue Growth

Matt & Amanda Clarkson continue their seminar collection on the minimization of risk and growth of revenue. By creating an automated stream of income through online e-commerce sales, any individual can increase their profits. Risk minimization is an alternative aspect to success in the online business industry. The platform that is directly referenced throughout the seminar is the eBay platform.

In the fourth installment of the speaking series, the creators of BiddingBuzz are able to share their expertise and knowledge of the top secrets and tips for making money through an automated online income revenue stream. Due to the minimal interaction that it takes to establish this automation, the ease factor is significantly relevant for any new entrepreneur that has recently joined the industry.

For more information about establishing a healthy income stream, please visit:

Answering the Ageless Question-- How Can You Retire Earlier?

Matt and Amanda Clarkson present the next segment in their e-commerce how-to series by answering a common question.

How Can I Retire at a Younger Age?

In a previously released blog via WordPress, the Clarksons released an official post that revealed their perspective on early retirement and how they were able to participate in this highly desired phenomenon. Matt & Amanda deliver an empowering message in their public presentation on the YouTube platform. 

When transcribed, it is revealed that they are willing to share their trade secrets with anyone that might have an inquiry. The online business duo also goes into further detail on how they were able to create a revenue stream that is automated by online income with the assistance of the e-commerce industry-leading, eBay. 

For more information in regards to Matt or Amanda Clarkson, you  may view their brands BiddingBuzz or eBay Magic program.

How to Increase Earnings on eBay

Matt & Amanda Clarkson have assembled a series of tutorials which shares their Top Secrets & Tips for Making Money on eBay. The first video in the collection offers a complete how-to and step-by-step protocol on how you can increase your revenue by selling almost any product on eBay.

By achieving "Platinum Power" status, the Clarksons have solidified their financial stability through the means of a modern day e-commerce business. In 2008, they reported earnings of approximately $50,000 or more for a period of only 11 months. Matt and Amanda rely on the automated process of the eBay platform in order to return positive results. For more information about the dynamic duo, please continue to: